conversation for everyday use

Commonly used phrases for everyday use

A: 您好
B: 您好
A: Hello
B: Hello
When someone says 您好 to you, you say 您好 in return.
您好 is polite language
你好 is used when saying to friends or younger people

A: 请…
B: 谢谢
A: … please (e.g. 请看看这个 Please take a look at this one)
B: Thank you

A: 谢谢
B: 不用谢谢/不客气
A: Thank you (for your help)
B: Not at all / It’s my pleasure

A: 对不起
B: 没什么/不要紧/没关系
A: I’m sorry / Excuse me
B: Never mind / It’s OK

A: 再见
B: 明天见/明儿见
A: See you / Goodbye
B: See you tomorrow (tomorrow, just a meaning of later, not exact time)